Friday, April 16, 2010

Sniffle Sniffle Cough

What a nasty day. What a nasty me. I am disgusting to myself. I can't imagine what others would think of me in this state.

I am supposed to be attending an ice show with my family to watch a friend of my daughter's skate. I really really really want to go. There aren't too many chances to get out of the house in my neck of the woods, so even going to stand in the neighbor's yard in the rain would be an opportunity for fun and excitement that I would hate to miss.

If my husband would carry me, I could go. If I could go for 2 hours without coughing, I could go. If I could stop mouth-breathing and looking like an fool, I could go. None of that is going to happen though. I'm just a rotten, stinking, hacking, infectious mass of kelp right now. No one wants to sit next to that, huh?

Perhaps if I sucked on cough drops the entire time, I could pull it off. But then I'd make those funny noises. You know the noises, don't you. Those gagging, gurgling noises one makes when they are trying to stifle a cough. Everyone looks at you thinking you are about to eject dinner a la Linda Blair.

No, I'll just stay here and futz about on the computer. I'll search for new blogs and contaminate the keyboard.

I'll check in here frequently to see if anyone has left any "there, there, now" comments to make me feel better.

Until then, its a bath and pizza I cannot taste.


  1. aw, geez. cold or allergies? i guess it doesn't matter. dwelling in muck and yuck sucks no matter what its source. computer futzing sounds like a good plan for the evening. sorry you got shortchanged and i hope your status has improved by tomorrow!

  2. there there now...
    now there. there there.
    i'm sorry you is sick. good you stayed home, sounds like you would embarrass yourself and probably not get all the rest you need.
    enjoy that bath, maybe a nasal douche...

  3. there, there, now, sorry you're sick, but glad a mutual friend sent me the link to your site. I'm guessing some of your internet futzing about was productive. The results were damn entertaining for my anyways. Feel better soon!

  4. I've had a cold/constant dry cough for three weeks now.

    Ruled out pneumonia.
    Couldn't rule out bronchitis.

    Took 4,000 mg. of powdered Vitamin C twice every day in a large bottle of water, Zinc, Elderberry, anti-histamines, decongestants, fresh garlic, 5,000 mg. Vitamin D a day to help my immune system, you name it.

    Even went and had dry heat saunas at 135 degrees, three different times for 30 minutes each trying to sweat out whatever toxins were there.

    No improvement.

    FINALLY the doctor presscribed some Tussionex Pennkinetic at a whopping $70 per bottle.
    First thing that's worked. Been on it now for 24 hours and am starting to feel a marked improvement.

    "There, there now. Don't go outside. Don't get everyone else sick at the ice show - they'll remember your coughing and hold a grudge when they come down with it a few days later. Bad karma.
    Instead... get a lot of rest even if it means you have to take to your bed all weekend and ask hubs to take up the slack, take a nice hot bath, sleep with a humidifier near the bed with some menthol/eucalyptus in it, have a big box of soft kleenex handy nearby, and hope you get better soon!

  5. Thank you, everybody. Thanks for following the script. I do feel a bit better this morning.

    Aurora, I'm glad you finally found something to make you feel better. Sounds like you have quite a rough time.

    Wish the hubby could take up the slack. He just left for a conference 5 minutes ago and won't be back until Wednesday. Darn

  6. hi! i just found you through aimee. your humor cracks me up. feel better soon! jane- a philly girl now living in spain:)

  7. there too?
    Here it's like a flowerbomb went off or something. We're shoveling pollen like snow. It's beautiful outside, but my allergies are insane.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!
    Pizza you can not taste is the worst.