Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Archie and Edith Go South

Upon arriving in Charleston (ok, well before), I perused a handful (ok, stacks) of decorating books and magazines to glean ideas for decorating our "new" house.  I had visions of a lovely living room with a sofa and two matching chairs.

There are some things I did not consider.

I like a festive fabric.  My husband likes dark animal hides.

My husband likes to recline.  I prefer to remain upright.

Our butts are shaped differently.

I wanted a chair that would go with our new paint color.  I wanted to coordinate with the other objects that I had slated for this room.  I wanted the room to be light and uplifting.

My husband really didn't give a shit.  He thinks with his butt.

Perhaps I can work with this?  In a world where there are worse problems, I can't complain (much).  But the second he asks me to fetch him a beer, all hell will break loose and someone will have a serious problem.