Friday, April 13, 2012

Is it Spring Yet!?!

Well, I suppose the withdrawal of Santorum is like a tulip bulb ready to bloom. A fresh promise for the future.

But, frankly, everything else is still wintery to me.

Wednesday I had some errands to do. Errands usually take me to Target, because aside from Target, there's nothing else but Wal-Mart. I'm NOT going there.

There I stood in the parking lot, ice pellets peppering my face and blurring my vision. Target lay across the frozen tundra to my left. Past three abandoned strip mall stores. In the gray and icy distance stood the brooding hulk of Kohl's, right past the empty lot of dirt and rock. Further into the murky gloom stood the fucking new Cracker Barrel. The sight of this shopping hell turned my shoes to lead and my heart and soul to black stones.

So, unless Santorum changes his mind, I'm pretty much shutting up until I feel warm again. God knows when that will be.


  1. It's been warm here in east TN for months. We didn't get a winter to speak of.

  2. Kim we still have a bit of warm sunny weather here in Sydney although the nights are getting cooler, so my friend sending warm love and light to you so you can step out into the sunshine and start smiling.
    Peggy xxxxxx

  3. I think Santorum will be hiding in his dark little hole (ick, that sounds nasty doesn't it?) soon....and all the flowers will blossom forth...and all the birds will chirp.
    Hold tight.

    Down here it's just gorgeous...for the few weeks before the inferno starts.

  4. The withdrawal of Santorum can only be the harbinger of good things to come.