Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm experiencing one of the seven deadly sins.

I'm not much for greed. But some of the others I do pretty well.

Today (this week) is sloth.

Could be the heat wearing me down. I do hate to sweat (how many deadly sins involve sweat?)

Could be that Texans are rewriting textbook history. The thought of every Tom, Dick and Harry doing whatever the hell they want with history is wearing me down.

The thought of searching for a photo to top a youthful, patriotic Liberace is wearing me down too.

I'm going to go and be furry and hang from a tree. As long as that doesn't interfere with eating pizza, drinking wine and watching television.


  1. enjoy the slothdom...there is a time for everything. recoup...get ready i'm sure another burst is around the next corner, er uh...tree.

  2. Pizza, wine, television. All 3 things are applauded in my wee heaven. Enjoy yerself and
    bollocks to the pulpit dwellers.

  3. Did you know, Sloth is the only sin with an animal named after it:
    Jason, I think is his name.