Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Silence of 72%

If registered voters do not go to the polls on election day, does anybody hear them?

Oh, yes. There will be bitching and complaining. For months and years to come no doubt.

But since you didn't vote, you 72% of registered voters, you need to shut up.

I worked at the polls in my neighborhood yesterday. From 6:15 am to 9:00 pm. Fun. In a strange sort of way. I did get to see and greet my neighbors. The 28% of registered voters in my precinct that bothered to show up.

If I had though about it, and had permission to film, and the 20 minutes (at least) of patience to do it, I would have taken a video of our oldest registered voter. Even with the process of voting taking (a mere) 20 minutes, I can't imagine the preparation involved for this one voter to do her duty. Her caretaker must have required a great deal of patience herself to help this woman dress, get her oxygen tank and wheelchair, and get this woman into the car. Once at the voting place, the woman was wheeled, in the rain, to the ramp at the front of the building. She was rolled into place, given a ballot and her caretaker read and reread all pertinent information. The ballot was cast, and the woman was wheeled to her car once again and taken back home.

Jeez, I wish she had been of my political affiliation. She has my admiration, though. 72% of you do not.

I'm going to expect the neighborhood to be quite quiet for a while. At least until November. 'Cause only 28% of you can hold any kind of conversation about your elected officials.

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  1. She's an inspiration, seriously.
    She's inspired me to get my lazy ass out next time.