Monday, January 3, 2011

One Less Housewife

The housewife has been gone for a while.

The artist has vanished from lack of interest.

My companion in housewifery, my mother, has died.

There will be no more trading of laundry stories over the phone with her at 8:30 each morning. No more updates of her neighbors doing naughty things. No more deviled eggs. Damn.

Now I am full of (mostly) good memories, encouragement from others, and condolences. There is no room for sarcasm and scathing remarks right now.

(And, yes, for those who have been reading both of my blogs -- you've probably put those dots together now.)

I'll be back soon when the outside world has made me roll my eyes one too many times, or when the inner turmoil has settled down.

The inner sarcastic housewife (and artist) is still here somewhere, waiting to get out again.


  1. might not be a bad thing to give sarcasm a rest. take care kim!

  2. Sorry to hear the news. Sounds quick- just like my mum a few years ago.

  3. Kim this would have been a difficult post to write. We are left only with our memories when we lose someone close. Death opens our eyes showing us that the only time that matters is right now, but then after a while we forget until Death shows up again.....and we remember.

    Take care dear friend.
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxxxx

  4. i keep seeing this title on my blog sidebar
    and just really thinking about you kim. i know it is terribly sad and empty not having your daily talks. all that connecting and bonding...sharing. its a huge loss. just want you to know i'm really thinking about you...

  5. Somewhat belated, but please accept my most heartfelt condolences for your loss.