Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Loitering

I’ve been given the boot.

I picked up a book. I put it back. I looked at old work. I looked at my new fabrics. I looked at magazines. I cut out some shapes. I sighed. I sat down. I got back up.

Then, my studio kicked me out for loitering.

Some inspirational blogs I have read lately tried to convince me to head into the studio regardless of whether I felt creative or not. Once I was in the studio, I was told the juices would start flowing. Didn't happen.

No juices.

Dry. Very dry.

It seems I am unable to create. Could this be a result of my recent studio purge? I don’t think so. I believe the purge was a result of not being able to create. So here I sit, instead, at the computer. There are loads of things to do here. Read even more inspirational blogs. Check out Facebook. Read the Huffington Post. Cruise on Google Maps. Visit the People of WalMart site?

Do I try to make up with the studio? Do I bring it flowers? A gift? A sacrifice?



  1. What type of sacrifice were you thinking about and if it works let me know!!

    I'd suggest giving the inspirational blogs a rest for a while and walk on the wild side!


  2. Sometimes being pressured dries you up. Forget being forced to do anything. Just enjoy yourself for a bit, stay away from the familar and explore something new OUT OF THE HOUSE AND AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER that seems interesting during your day:)