Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cats in Hats

Cat Hats.

Crochet cat hats.

Whatever. I can’t believe I saw it! On Etsy.

I’m not talking about hats for people that have cat ears on them. I’m talking about hats for cats.

And there was a model. And the cat looked angry. Very angry. I don’t like hats. I can’t believe that if I were a cat, I would like hats any better.

Right now I am experiencing an art sales slump What about cat hat makers? Are they experiencing a slump, also? Could they be selling them like hotcakes? Perhaps I should crochet up some hotcakes. Seems that cat hats has already been done.

I’m gonna check on Etsy for crochet hotcakes. Right now.

Damn. They exist.

I've got one more idea. Let's check Etsy and see if someone has already cornered the market on . . . crochet dildo covers.

Double damn.


  1. no way. NO WAY.
    i wish i wouldn't have gone to that site. i can't erase those things from my head you know. its there forever.

  2. Hmmm. Must keep the dildo properly warmed prior to use, I guess! (lol)

    Necessity is the mother of invention:)

  3. You are a hoot! Thanks for the laugh. I enjoy reading your "inner not so quiet self"!
    Peg xxx