Monday, August 16, 2010

The Housewife Returns

Bet you thought I'd been smote since I wrote that last post.

I've been hanging out with visiting family members. In-laws, nieces, sister, etc. I've cleaned my home several times (hence the housewife returns), and whipped the tops off of containers of processed foods for use appetizers (the anti-housewife part). I've scraped up hairballs and gathered spiderwebs. I've made beds and unmade beds and made beds again.

Today, I'm enjoying my brand spanking new washing machine. Wheeeee! The last one refused to run at all on one cycle, didn't drain on another, and smelled like potential fire on the one cycle that worked. The housewife is happy today.

I've also been on YouTube watching more videos.

And yes, I've also eaten lots of bonbons.

I've just been waaaaaayyyyy too busy to blog.

So far, I have not watched those daytime stories on television.


  1. snicker. this made me giggle. watch out, those bonbons and youtube marathons are the start of a slippery slope.

  2. Just saw your comment over at Alphaville... Please DO NOT assume that your daughter is safe.... I just posted over at my place....

  3. Oh, I dream of having a washing machine.
    One day.

    Until then, I'll just eat the bonbons.