Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heath Care Plan (Not)

Hubby comments after going to the first available convenience store after returning to the U.S.

"I know I'm back in the United States when I see a collection jar on the counter with donations going to a woman without healthcare coverage who needs treatment for ovarian cancer."


  1. This sort of thing is a damn shame. I'll never understand why we can always find money for war and killing people - it's never even an issue. But health care for all just can't be accomplished here. Makes me sick.

  2. I hear this all the time from my hubby who is French. He's right. We'll eventually move back to France when we're older because of the health care.

  3. My wife's family is Canadian. They have some complaints about their system, but none of them wanted to trade with us. Our healthcare "system" is a disgrace.

  4. damn...

    Excellent observation.