Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Things Never Change

Remember this post about dream careers for girls.

Well, it seems as if some things never change.

This book was taken last weekend at an independent bookstore (yep, they still exist) in Roanoke, VA. Look closely at the photos on the covers of those books. Indeed, girls are still encouraged to become nurses and teachers. Certainly not truck drivers or pilots. I must say, I never had an interest in becoming a truck driver, but I may have considered pilot. It was just never brought up.

I won't go into another rant about this. But now I have visual proof to share with you.

And yes, Virginia, there is an independent bookstore. Oh, wonder of wonders! This is Ram's Head bookstore in Roanoke, VA. One of the coolest kid sections EVER.

We supported the independent bookstore. Items were purchased. Just not those shown in the photo.


  1. Yes indeed, some things never change over the years no matter how much time has gone by. But in the case of careers I am surprised to see these sterotype books.

    In reference to the comment you put on my smile post, I would like you to start smiling and start shining....give it a go I think you will enjoy it.....the smiles will come back to you 100 me!

    Hugs and light
    Peggy xxxx

  2. Obviously men can't be teachers...guess I will have to stick to trucks...there goes my jewellery career.

  3. Thank goodness I never knew there was such a thing as what I was SUPPOSED to do for a career. I just did what I always felt drawn to - the stock market. And with no worries about being discriminated against because I was a woman, I never bumpred into the 'gass ceiling'. Instead, very luckily, they helped me at every turn because I always told them, truthfully, that I appreciated their brains and insights and whatever they could teach me/whatever information we could exchange that would be useful.

    I think women can do anything they are physically capable of doing. Bur frankly, on the other side of it - would I want a man for an obstetrician? Probably not as much as I'd want a woman who already had had two or three kids and knew what it was really like to be pregnant and go through labor.

    Interesting issue.