Monday, June 20, 2011

Aging. Part 2

So, I finally got my eyes examined.

The chipper eye doctor confirmed that my eyes had not gotten much worse over the last few years. (yay)

I picked out a cool pair of glasses to replace my Granny Clampet pair. I wanted a new, cool pair by the time I visit Portland, OR, next month. I hear that the hot girls all wear glasses there. And these are not bifuckals. Nor are they "progressives." I think that's the new word for bifuckals. The doc. and I didn't think they were necessary. Yet.

But, now, there are foot and ankle issues. Jeez. I've had to see another doc. about the ankle swelling. New meds. Crap. I'm chowing down at the pharmaceutical buffet each morning already. I figure that it can't hurt to find myself some more comfortable shoes. No, not those black lace-ups that go with support hose. Those are next, though.

I've entered the land of Birkenstock. I've entered a land of just plain old friggin' ugly. Comfort and stability are my new goals. Straight-jacket shoes here I come.

And the hubby has asked if my new Birkenstocks come with a tube of armpit-hair fertilizer.


  1. Progressives? Wow....I've never heard that before.
    Something tells me, however, many of the folks needing "bifuckals" (as you put it perfectly) will chafe at anything called "progressive"

    Meanwhile, I'm wearing my own Granny Clampets now.

  2. Well, Housewife, I had a call a week or so ago telling me that it is time for my eye check up. I have admit I have "progressive" lenses, and not a peep knows that they are for reading too.

    LOL...not fun getting old and I raise my glass to you and take a gulp, chugging down my smorgasbord of meds.