Friday, June 17, 2011

Parenting - Part 1

Children might play contentedly in a room by themselves. Sometimes silently, or quietly humming. I DID say SOMETIMES.

However, once a parent walks into the room, their mouths fall open, and like a nestful of baby robins, they begin to peep all at once.

They may ask questions. Sing a new song they have just written in their heads (maybe still writing in their heads). Make a lengthy proclamation. Or all three in one breath.

We are traveling this weekend, therefore, we are staying in a hotel room with one bathroom. Sometimes our bathroom activities overlap (NO not in a nasty or extremely invasive way). My daughter is taking a bath and humming and I enter the bathroom to dry my hair.

I turn on the hairdryer. The robin peeps.

“Mama, what would flour and milk and water together taste like?

“Mama, was Hermoine wearing a wig during the first Harry Potter movie?

“Mama, does all of that stuff you put in your hair do anything?”

And those are only the questions I could hear over the hair dryer.

Mama sigh.

"Not much."


"Probably not."

I'm not much in the mood for conversation this early. I turn off the dryer, head to the laptop, and record this for posterity.

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  1. The robin peeps and the mother sighs.....interesting rendition Kim.
    I love your honesty dear friend!
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxx