Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yet Another (not so) Little Girl Crush

Stephen Fry, Atheist Hottie

Yes, another brilliant, British atheist.

While I am as impressed with him as I am Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, I would have to say, that of the three, I would most want to have dinner with Stephen Fry. I would have to expect to have partially-chewed food violently expelled through my nose and mouth. This is one funny man.

In my house, we have just started watching the Wooster and Jeeves series. There is nothing that cannot be improved by this man's charm and wit. It does seem that he has a bit of a bite, though. Good for him.

Check out his take on the Catholic church on YouTube.


  1. He is an interesting guy, isn't he? I prefer a man with a big brain, too. I'm also quite intrigued by Stephen Fry's violently crooked nose. . . Is that so wrong?

  2. Agree a million percent. Miss J hasn't seen the Wooster & Jeeves series (she has read a couple stories) and must change that!

  3. Is this Mr. September on the Hunks of Atheism calendar? :)

  4. Brains and humor, minus the fogginess of religion, plus an accent from the UK = charming, irresistable. Another couple of candidates I would put in that category are Ricky Gervais and particle physicist Brian Cox ( )