Thursday, September 16, 2010

F School

So, Pennsylvania needs a new Governor. What fun. And once again we get to hear about education.

According to Republicans, we shouldn't bother fixing our broken educational system. Hell no. We should just trash it and start over. We really don't want to waste time and money to provide "certain people" with classrooms, teachers and textbooks, do we?

Republican candidate Tom Corbett, thinks its just too hard on the parents to have to deal with the complex issue of where to send their children to school. He also believes a child shouldn't have to bear the burden of being placed in a school with children whose intellect is superior or inferior to their own.
Corbett, the state attorney general . . . proposed assigning grades to schools -- A though F -- to make it simpler for parents to decide where to send their children.

WTF? You would think it would be easy for the parents to send their child to the public school in their neighborhood. Nooooooo. That's far too difficult. It's going to be really simple to know that their "non-gifted" child will be going to the "F" school. Probably across town. Their average child will need to go to the "C" school somewhere else in town. The genius child will go to the "A" school in the next town. That'll be easy for mom and dad. Right?

And why should we assume that the "A" school is going to be for those smart children. Let's shake it up a bit and put the gifted children in the "F" school and those backwards minorities and poor children in the "A" school. If we're going to label our children, we may as well have some fun at the same time.

Corbett is also developing a plan to shift tax dollars from public schools (where they apparently are flushed down the toilet) into charter schools, PAROCHIAL schools and other private learning programs.

Mr. Corbett, I think you are wasting your time and breath on these convoluted plans. I say, lets take the poor people, the challenged, and the darker folks and just teach them how to be maids, busboys, and field hands (easier if we just do on-the-job training). We'll let the gifted folks (rich and white, preferably male) go to those charter schools or the parochial schools and be taught science by God himself.

We don't want our "A" school students to be drinking from the same water fountains as the "F" school students during recess.

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  1. OMG! And I thought our schools were in trouble in Canada! BUT, we are heading in your direction unless we start to 'smell the coffee' here.
    Being a recently retired teacher I know all too well what some people would like to do to the school system in favour of the few so-called smart and rich kids!
    Get that man out of there...if it's not too late.
    Great blog.