Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Lovely Photos

So my new Uppercase Magazine arrived this week, packed full of stylish goodness.

As usual, it is full of luscious photos. And discussions of blogs which feature photography.

I am always impressed by someone who can turn a photo of a cup of coffee, gas pump, used condom, etc., into a work of art.

If a take a day of photos and hooch them up in Photoshop, will it make me a lovely and hip person too?

Doubt it.

Buy anyway, I ran around the house for 30 seconds with my camera and took a small handful of photos and piddled in photoshop (never done that before) and here is a look at my exciting day in the land of housewifery avoidance.

Laundry, with an added dollop of graininess and grit.

Very sick kitty. Can't remember what I did to this photo. Don't care.

Cure (ha) for migraine on large mottled leaf. I altered this photo, too. Don't remember what I did. Have headache. Don't care.

So now, I'm off to pop another pill into the cat, dress the resulting wounds, start the laundry, and pop another pill into myself.

And then I'll dream about my future in photography.


  1. you are funny. the first photo looks like you did stuff to it the others dont. sorry toots. what a euro looking washer....

  2. I think I was trying to be unimpressive with the photos. That's what the housewife is up to today -- unimpressiveness.

  3. I get what you are going for, as a shooter my biggest problem is subject aka what the hell to shoot!!!
    I usually shoot sports so on my non-action shooting days I always try to shoot something, anything even leaves and bugs. I will try to shoot the used condom someday wait.... I am married. Never mind.