Monday, October 25, 2010

Artist vs. Housewife

I don't think I've mentioned my artistic slump lately. I do know I've talked about my failed housewifery, though. The housewife side of me has told the creative side to get her ass to work so she doesn't have to make any more excuses for her sorry housewifery.

So where to start. I've got to come up with some ideas. I need a kickstart.

I find it interesting when reading about how an artist begins a series. I’ve read of overheard conversations being a catalyst. Or maybe a life-transforming incident (or accident). Or even an ordinary household item seen in a new light.

What around my house could inspire a series:

Sick cat

Stinky hand soap

Dog drool puddle

Dust bunnies

Pile of sticky notes

Unidentified squishy things

Bathtub ring

Netflix envelope (love that red)

Bruised apple

Seems like the creative side cannot divorce itself from the housewife side.

And I hear a dirty bathroom calling my name. I cannot resist the call of the washing machine. Those siren dust bunnies are singing out to me.

My arm reaches out toward the Swiffer. I cannot stop myself.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I had a swiffer loving person in residence! But I do know what you mean.