Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heading North

So now that the heat wave is finally going to break, we're going to head north.

Yes, the laundry from the trip south is still tumbling in the dryer. And when I flip the lid back down on the laptop, I will toss things back into the suitcase. But not the things I originally planned. I'm actually going to pack a long-sleeved shirt. I forgot I had those. Daytime temperatures up north in the 70s. Woo hoo.

This family is going to meet up with some other family members up in Toronto, eh. I'm guessing that I don't need to bring a pie.

I would love to see some sights and do some shopping. I always want to do some shopping. If I lived in a place that sold clothing that didn't have a college logo on it, I wouldn't be so desperate to do some retailing. One shop. Any shop. I don't care. I just want the pleasure of seeing items laid out before me.

The hubby plans to scout for medications and salami and bring them back.

Our vacation plans don't always mesh. In the end, we'll do whatever the kiddo wants to do.

Hope the folks in my neck of the woods can keep the sarcasm level up while I'm gone.

I'm off to pack way too many things and forget the items I need the most.

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