Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Rick Perry will never end abortions in Texas.


He may end legal and safe abortions.

He will most definitely increase the death rate of women who will attempt "back alley" abortions.

He will most definitely increase the suicide rate among women, especially young women and girls.

He will not safeguard women's health in any way.

He has completely mislead himself and those that believe in him by calling himself pro-life.  Pro-life does not include women butchered by illegal abortions and babies found in dumpsters.

Rick Perry will NEVER end abortions in Texas.

No one will end abortions anywhere.


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  2. Texas: Pro-life, and #1 in the nation for executions.

  3. These righties are so concerned with protecting the safety of fetuses (fetii?)that Erick Erickson gloated on Twitter about Texas women should stock up on coathangers! He doesn't care if the foetus gets aborted, he just wants it to be as unpleasant and unsafe as possible for the woman having the abortion, just like Jesus would have wanted!