Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Housekeeping?

Those of you out there that know the Housewife, know her thinking on housework. Oil and water. I hate it all. I've never met a domestic chore that I like.

After a good couple of weeks in the studio, the Housewife had to make an appearance today to scrape off the crud.

I've included photos. Be damn glad I didn't take a "before" photo of the toilet.

What the heck is a laundry hamper? p.s. this is only a small portion of the dirties.

Which one is the dust bunny and which is the cat toy?
Answer: since I dug them both out from under a table,
they are both dust bunnies and according to the cat, the one on the left is more fun.

After laundry, bathroom cleaning and sweeping, I moved onto dusting. Somehow, it is a less productive use of time than watching paint dry. A complete waste of time, and I do know a great deal about wasting time. Dusting trumps all time wasting (non)activities.

And we're not even going into cooking. The Housewife does not go there! My cooking is generally unsatisfying and often dangerous to people and property. I've been relegated to clean up activities in my house.

And, hell, I just realized there's some ironing to do.

My blood pressure is up. Me feelings of adequacy are down.

How did those housewives of the past not just drop it all and run out in front of a bus?

Well, its lunch time. Soon all of this will be behind me for the next three weeks as the sh#t piles up around me once again. I'm going to enjoy wallowing in it. Until I don't.


  1. want to see photos of an un-ordered tribe of four slobs living quarters? Well, none exist. We don't take pictures inside the house, for the very reasons you speak of here. Verboten!

    Actually we cleaned the house and especially the bathroom yesterday. The sink was stopped up and we thought we were going to have to call a plumber...the condition of our habitat would have been embarrassing even for the JJ family. It was all for naught, the damned Draino plumber needed.

  2. I have a friend visiting from New Zealand next week and she will be staying with me for a week.
    So my house will get its bi-monthly clean from head to toe (or quarterly if I am feeling really slack).

    When I was married I used to clean the house every daft is that!
    So I understand where you are coming from Kim.
    Cooking and cleaning are chores only to be done under sufferance.

    Peggy xxxxxxxxxxxxx