Monday, September 19, 2011

U R rly psng me off

Maybe I'm being a little too bitchy.

Could be because I rarely text and never twitter.

But holy crap, I can't take it when people cannot be bothered to type out words!

If you can't take the time to properly text or email me USING FULL WORDS, then I'm going to assume you really don't give a shit or your message is completely unimportant. I will not read what you have to say. If it's more difficult than reading Shakespeare, then I'm not going to do it.

I will not bother to figure out what the hell it is you are saying.

You. √
Ewe. √
U. Absolutely not. Unless you are making a U-turn. Or, if you must, driving a U-Haul.

And then there's R. Spell it dammit.

What is it that you are really trying to say? That you are too important to waste time typing (non)extraneous letters. That you are illiterate. That I am not good enough to read full words. That you are actually trying to piss me off.

What's even worse is trying to read teenage slang written in this freakin' code. I've got no chance of interpreting that, not that I really want to. It would be nice to understand my nieces' Facebook posts, but, well, I'm just too damn cranky and old so I'll just have to remain in the dark.

Am I the only freak left on the face of the earth that actually likes words? There are so many great ones: alleviate, Ethiopia, tangerine, Bossa Nova, sprocket, Alaska (until it was tainted by politics).

Am I in this boat alone?


  1. No my friend, I'm in this boat with you, drifting out to sea in a world of illiterate texters.
    It is the generation gap and it is getting bigger. We are old fuddy duddies!

    Love your "you are really pissing me off" heading....made me laugh out loud!

    Peggy xxxxx

  2. Having teenagers, I have learned some of texting language and I will admit, I am guilty at abbreviating some words. I am confused by how one of my nieces post on Facebook, she adds letters onto the end of words and I have not figured the reasoning to that.

    Housewife, I hope u hve a grt day.

  3. oh you're not alone...I'm right there with you.

    But in texting on the antique cellphone I have...not a those people refuse to communicate any other can take foreeeeeeeeeever to type out a single word.
    I still do it, however. ahem