Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Behind Every Great Man . . .

. . . is a huge ass pile of wires.

The hubby went and purchased himself another television-related gadget. This, of course, necessitated another cable. And here is what we have behind the television.

I do think he is a great guy, though. And I don't bitch when he wants to add another electronic device to his ever expanding showcase of whirring, blinking, manly nirvana.

As long as another remote is not required.

This does make me want to go out and buy a frilly little figurine to set atop the television set.


  1. LOL....that is what it looks like behind my desktop computer and TV. When you get this frilly little figurine, post a picture. ; )

  2. Yeah, I hate clutter. Mine look like that too!

    In my dream home, there would be built-in concealing cabinets for all the electronic wires behind televisions/music equipment and computers:)

  3. wow, that looks like the snake's nest behind my couch. I'm always afraid to even look back there.

  4. And behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes!
    Enjoy the new gaget.
    Peggy xxxxx