Friday, April 29, 2011

Aging. Part I (?)

I guess the time has finally come.

I need to seriously think about getting bifuckals. The really old fogies probably call them bifocals, but they are far too polite.

Jeez, I'm already taking blood pressure medication.

And thyroid medication.

I guess the slow march toward death continues. And that seems to aggravate my knees.


  1. This short post put a wonderful smile on my dial! I am happy to be on thyroid medication and vitamin D and iron tablets and fish oil tablets because they make the slow march towards death a happy skip.

    Keep shining Housewife because you certainly brighten up the blogosphere with your dry sense of humour.

    Much love and big hugs
    Peg xxxxxx

  2. I have been enjoying my bifuckals for a few years now, plus my daily dose of nexium for life. Also lets not forget my anxiety and happy pills. Then there is the issues of arthritis, bursitis and carpel tunnel. Aahhh the joys of aging.

    But ya know, Housewife....aleast we are waking up each day, that is a good thing.